Our Furniture are locally made.

To insure our clients the best Quality at the best Price. We supply our amazing furniture to over a 150 stores nation wide.

We currently have 9 Factory stores in South Africa. And our Head Quarters and factory are in Brits, North West, South Africa.

Meet the team.

Owner of Brits Furniture Pty Ltd. Rizwan Aslam

Mr. Aslam started Brits Furniture in 2012, as a small furniture shop in Tom street Rustenburg.

He and his wonderful team have been working diligently to stand as one of the biggest local furniture manufacturing plants in S.A.

Every business needs a management team to ensure the productivity and prosperity of the entire business and employees. Here are the sticky glue keeping everything together.


We are proud to introduce to you our Driver team. They are responsible for delivering our products to our clients and stores.

Development team

Here are the ones making sure there are buildings and room to grow.

These are the heroes of the business. Making sure everything is in good working order so production can go on. From lightbulbs to trucks.

The team

These hard-working carpenters are responsible for the beautiful, sustainable doors you can buy in our stores and on our website.

These wonderful carpenters are responsible for building the wardrobes and cupboards you see in our stores and on our website.

These individuals are the ones we thank for years and years of good night’s rest. As they are the ones building the beds and bases that you can buy in our shops or on our website.

These amazing carpenters and upholsters ensure the comfortable affordable living room suits you can buy in our stores or on our website.

This team ensures that only the highest quality stock is received from China and distributed to our shops and clients.

Our Vision

To be a leading and trusted provider of affordable, high quality, custom designed furniture in South – Africa by providing world class manufacturing of premium quality products and superior customer service.

Our mission

  • To be a leading and trusted provider of affordable, high quality, custom designed furniture in South – Africa that provides strategic value to our customers.
  • To provide unsurpassed customer service to our clients; Service is the heart of our business.
  • To create a culture that values and supports employee engagement, encourages personal development and fosters team collaboration.
  • To be a trusted and valued resource in the industry for experts and specialist.
  • We believe all built environments and their occupants can benefit from intelligent sustainable design irrespective of acquired certifications.
  • In close collaboration with our principals and suppliers, we strive to create an environment that will enhance the structure and lines of an interior space.
  • To be committed to our global responsibility of environmental care by manufacturing products that meet our standard of sustainability.
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